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Brasilia – on the side of the Security Secretary of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Fernando Grella and Jose Mariano Beltrame, Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, announced on Thursday, the 31st, a range of measures to monitor and address abuses reported in the recent demonstrations across the country. Among the measures of integration between the activities of the intelligence and security agencies of the states and the federal government.

According to the minister, the measures include deepening the exchange of information between the company and discussion on “amendments” of the current legislation in cases not stipulated in the law (with increase punishment for vandalism and violence at protests) and standardization of the Protocols of the military action of the police forces throughout the country in demonstrations, with subsequent dissemination of the Protocols of the community. “This is not recrudesce against the protesters. The demonstration is free, this is guaranteed in the Constitution,” said Cardoso.

In intelligence work, the minister explained that the idea of take advantage of integration already between the company and focus on monitoring the demonstrations. “It is not the monitoring of the social movements, to be able to plan actions in relation to the people,” stressed the minister.

To amend the current legislation, the Ministry of justice to invite the president of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), minister Joaquim Barbosa; representatives of the order of lawyers of Brazil (OAB), the Office of the Attorney General (PGR). “There needs yes, to make adjustments,” said Beltrame.

The proposal is to bring into discussion the proposals made by the state. São Paulo, for example, finds that the increase in the penalty for assaults (including employees and agents of the State), destruction of property and violence in the protests. “A police officer, I have, acting on behalf of the state,” said Grella.

According to Cardoso, the meeting with the trustees had the support of President Dilma Rousseff. The minister stressed on this type of protest is relatively recent in the country and the government should work to conform to the new reality. “We may not agree with the cases of abuse and lawlessness that is taking place. We do not accept groups attempt against the law,” the minister said.

In the coming posts I will address different ways you can prepare GMAT. The first approach, private lessons. To understand how it works this method of teaching, I met Regis Miwa, professor of mathematics for over 25 years.


Private lesson

Regis started to give lessons in workshops, today, works exclusively with private lessons for students interested in the GMAT and GRE.


Despite the trend towards online platforms and lessons via Skype, Regis is old-school like teaching face-to-face. “I think I can best help students in this way and for me it is more fun also. I really like the personal contact.”


As I met many clients via Skype (and as for me, I don’t see a big difference in terms of the result), I became curious: why do you prefer the streets?


His response surprised me: “because then in the correction of the exercise can assess how the student tried to solve the exercise and see the house that I think I can explain to him the truth.”


Another reason Regis believes in private lessons because in them it is possible to feel the energy of the student that is often the main obstacle for him to be able to go. “The math of the GMAT in high school and primary schools. This is the proof, mathematically, I don’t measure much of anything. For me, it was used to help people in the preparation of admission tests in college, the evidence does not make sense. It was then that I realized that GMAT is not a math test. Is a guide to reveal the weakness of each student.”


How so?


If a student has a weakness in math, the evidence will show this. If a student has a concern, where they will break. If you don’t have a strategy, if you do not know to manage time, etc. The GMAT will get you on the weakness of each candidate.


As anxiety is a major factor on the GMAT, Reggie believes that one of the main roles is to pass on peace of mind for students. It is inevitable that during the test the student is likely to encounter a question that he does not know the answer. So the important thing is to breathe, focus, and move on to the next exercise. Reggie told me he wasn’t always quiet. Through private entrance exam, he panicked and locked herself in the bathroom for 15 minutes, breathe and stretch so you can pass the anxiety. However, on the GMAT, no one has time so it is important to develop the ability to calm down quickly. Speaks: “you can even leave the practice to win you, but you can’t lose control of the race”.


When I asked him how much time it takes to prepare and ready in response. Prefer not to estimate, if it says “very bad people”. There are many factors involved: where student studied (elementary, intermediate , college), as of the time you should study during the week, as from unforeseen circumstances at work will occur, etc. After a diagnostic test, able to give a better sense, but, in general, we are talking about 5 months on average (being a student at the College of higher engineering, perhaps, you will only need 3 classes).


General tips:

1) practice techniques to calm down. The simplest is to breathe deeply.

2) Don’t be stubborn. People who have a good knowledge in mathematics (and rely on themselves to bat) are often resistant to learning a new way (faster) to do this exercise.

3) save your energy and read very well the statement. In many cases it is not necessary to solve the algebricamente exercise to be the answer.

4) different from the era of the vestibule (in which the student was a total focus on the college entrance exam), GMAT, work, and social obligations, “sports”, etc. to make the preparation smooth. Then an intense process and in the shortest time possible is recommended.


Regis ends by saying that many people are wondering if they don’t get bored teaching the same thing every day. He told me not to. “You can have the same proof, but this is a different experience with each student. Therefore, the work is always different.” Ensure this freedom to customize the Reg told me that to keep the old computer in your office that have Windows XP, it can run a simulation of the old, sometimes asks for the student to do a drill in front of him so that he can observe how the acting student during the trial: if he gets anxious if you lost the information, if he was lying, etc. And based on that included gives specific tips.


The positive points of your grade:

…. Specific attention to strengths and weaknesses/ learning on demand

B. Emotional support

C. Collection of someone else to strengthen the commitment to the preparation of

D. Individual planning


Negative points:

…. The higher cost of this lesson in a group or with for self-education

B. Commitment to weekly (from the time you register with the teacher, not to be a business meeting the last time)

C. “The beast”… not having colleagues to assess the distresses, uncertainties and anxieties.


He felt that a private lesson is for you? Account me 🙂

Regis Miwa is a professor of mathematics, graduated from the University of the South Pacific, with more than 25 years of experience. When not helping students get great scores on the GMAT, Reg loves to spend time cycling, martial arts movies Chinese, and the wife of your chest, Kátya. Want to know more? Please contact us via e-mail miwayassuo@gmail.com or go to the website www.premiumtc.com.br

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