Os maiores ovos de Páscoa nos filmes de Quentin Tarantino

Os maiores ovos de Páscoa nos filmes de Quentin Tarantino

The biggest Easter eggs in Quentin Tarantino
os maiores ovos de Páscoa na Quentin Tarantino

O som do último ovo de Páscoa dos dois kill bill filmes é o som do alarme que toca quando a noiva vê um inimigo. Este é emprestado do filme cinco dedos da morte (1972). O filme foi dirigido por Shaw brothers. Tarantino chamou pesado inspiração de seu trabalho e kill bill. Pular para cerca de 55 segundos para ouvir o familiar som de iminente de Kung Fu raiva.

Um grande problema

The biggest Easter eggs in Quentin Tarantino
os maiores ovos de Páscoa na Quentin Tarantino

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After becoming a father for a little girl (better to say: to the extent that I became the father of the girl), it’s been six years, I’ve developed a horror of almost physical violence against women. Even after reading the story of the environmental impact, I have not experienced the third episode of the excellent series based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. Can’t re-read the part of the crimes in 2666, Roberto Bolano Chile, recounts the dozens of murders of women that occurred in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Revisitei this horror to read of the girls killed Silva money (even now). And I was wondering about that, if a lot of men don’t realize this horror, this is exactly the most convenient way to continue in it, and multiply it, or create the perfect conditions to perpetuate. Because this is what happens when horror is uniform and not only parents of girls need to know that there.

+True stories inspire the book of short stories about sexual assault

+- Use the book of fantastic literature to discuss feminism

“Hey Joe I heard you shot your woman down/ yes, I did, I shot her/ You know I caught her messing ‘round town/ I’m going way to the south where I can be free!”, Sing, Joe traditional blues immortalized by Jimi Hendrix. I hadn’t realized that the song is about the killing of women with impunity, because it is the application of violence: Joe kills his wife and threatens to Mexico. The murders of women involve domestic violence, and disparagement or discrimination of women in the case provided for in the Brazilian Penal Code since the year 2015.

The concept of crime has gained space in Latin America the debate specifically from the allegations of the murders of women in Ciudad Juarez thematized by Bolano: from the beginning of the 1990s, the practice of sexual violence, torture, disappearance and murder of women in northern Mexico were repeated in the context of the omission of the state, and the consequent impunity of the perpetrators.

Any to engine kill women is exactly the application of the crime of punishment. And there are three crimes without punishment, the focus of this novel is non-fiction Selva Almada, remember, in the atmosphere and in the formation of the facts, a classic in cold blood, Truman Capote. Andrea Dana was apunhalada in the heart while he was asleep. Maria Luisa Quevedo raped, abandoned in a vacant lot. Sadie Mundín was missing for nearly a year until the supposed majority that can be found on the edge of the river. All women less than twenty years. Almada, who is not a journalist did an impressive investigation in the field to understand how that killed the woman almost always hot inside the Argentine.

Money pointed out that he had awakened this kind of crime in his teens, when he watched his father to bake the barbecue and heard on the radio account of the death of Andrea Dan. He understands that the world is not safer: a girl can be killed in the comfort of home, almost always by hands unknown (husband, father, friend, relative, or neighbor). With prose clear, direct and sincere recognized in the beautiful novel The wind blowing (Cosac Naify), the last entitled The stories of these forgotten women in the pace of the novel, The company, through contact with family, searches in books and journals, reflection, and imagination – even in the use of a certain lady who reads the tarot cards of the past lives of the dead women. It is this which offers a key to symbolize the book: La Huesera women of bone.

“It’s an old very old that live in some place to hide from the soul. Old chucra that Amy with the chicken, sing like a bird, and emits other sounds more animal than human. Your task consists in collecting the bones. Collects and saves all periga if you lose. Not a cottage full of bones of all kinds of animals. But her favorite bones of the Wolves. To find one, she is able to walk for miles, climb mountains and cross rivers to burn the soles of your feet in the sands of the desert. Go back to your house with an armful of Bones is assembling the skeleton. When you don’t Huesera puts the last piece in its place, the figure of the Wolf shines in front of your eyes, sat by the fire and starts thinking about the song that he sings. When you decide to raise the arms on the skeleton and starts his song. As he sings, the bones will be the card of meat; meat and leather, leather and fur. She continues to sing, and the creature comes to life, begins to breathe, his tail stretches open her eyes, gives a jump and get out of the cottage. At some point of the ultra-race, whether SECRET or because it immerses in the waters of the river to cross, because the moon catches him full in the wing of a wolf talking to a woman to work freely towards the horizon, laughing uncontrollably. Perhaps this is your mission: collect the bones of girls, arm them, give them a voice and then let them run freely to where it needs to go.”

Born in a small town in the province of Entrerríos, the money it brought novelty to the literature of Argentina to search for stories away from the world of Buenos Aires, the characters small and poor votes that were tragedies of the bone. Her prose is contaminated heat mormacento these cities is stifled, where there is little from the perspective of: mechanical work, everywhere the Church (Catholic or Pentecostal), tradition does not make sense in the 21st century, the drama of the programs hyped on TV, dream escape away.

Taking in the dialect of Argentina, it is easy to think of Brazil, deep in his books. Horror similar to the US – 12 women are murdered every day in Brazil, Argentina, average one kill women every 29 hours.

Horror needs to be considered, several times, so that didn’t repeat again. But we also need to look for the girls that I have seen the terror near, who did not have time to escape. “I think what we need is a reconstruction of the way the world view them. If we could know how was seen, as well as the profiles, let us know which was to look at the world, do you understand that?” , Asking for Silva money. Miracle girls dead lies not only with the formation of the inventory of horrors, but mainly machine of memories, bringing the stories of these women back to life.

*Writer and journalist, author of the novel ‘The Head’ (published by the school), among other things

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