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    Bee Movie Trailer #2 revealed

    Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2007 by

    Bee Movie Spielberg
    The Bee Movie Spielberg

    Yes, this is Steven Spielberg’s talk to Jerry Seinfeld wearing a bee suit.
    In last year’s first teaser trailer released Jerry Seinfeld’s computer animated film Bee Movie. Many people were angry that the teaser was false advertising, as it did in live action. The second trailer has finally been released, it also contains live action footage, but cleverly challenges in the actual computer animation. See it after the jump.

    First up is the old teaser trailer with the Bee on the windshield of the car.


    And now the video that you are looking for, Bee Movie Trailer 2 starring Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Spielberg. Yes, you read that right – the great director himself makes a nice cameo. Check it out below.


    I’m actually interested in seeing this movie now. DreamWorks Animation was very bad record. And I’m not talking beating, I’m talking good movies. But I really really enjoyed over the hedge.
    This new trailer has made its debut in front of music and lyrics at 14 February 2007. The voice cast for the project include: Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Matthew Briderick John Goodman, Chris Rock, Rip Torn, Eddie Izzard, Alan Arkin, Oprah Winfrey, Kathy Bates Larry King Larry Miller Barry Levinson Colin Quinn. Bee Movie hits theaters on November 2, 2007.

    Washington – talks-with palpitations in an exhibition at the National Gallery of art: Cezanne’s pictures. With about 60 paintings painted by the artist performs, people and knowledge, ill-natured, is the largest exhibition of this kind in the century. (The last was in Paris in the year 1910). You must realize that many of the actors by face if not by name. Special Cezanne, self portraits, many cases, looking instead to the wild type or the promise, as well as his companion of nearly 40 years, Hortense Fiquet sitting with hands in lap and a lifetime of patience inscribed on his face. You will see Father Louis Auguste Cezanne, with his head bent over the newspaper as if he was trying to piece of the world. On the other hand, uncle, Dominic O’brien, unable to stay quiet.

    +As Cezanne, the master of nature, the dead, revolutionized the photo

    +Artist chosen by Obama to portray questions of representation

    There are a few of the celebrity. Emile Zola’s childhood friend Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence comrades from an aesthetic point of leaning on the couch as a Buddha in the canvas a solid beige on the screen loaned by the Masp. The art critic Gustave Geffoy that Cezanne loved (when Geffoy wrote something nice about him) then came to hate (for reasons I don’t know), appears perched over several open books scattered around her.

    And Marchand Abroise Vollar that career was put Cézanne on the map (he organized the first show of the picture) is also rewarded with a picture of him in the stomach. Vollard came to 115 cycles Cezanne painted, each one from 8 am to 23: 30 hours, and during this time he was verbally abused. (“That bastard!, You’ve ruined the pose! I must say again that it should stay an Apple?”). The agony suffered is not seen in the photo, to convey the calm veteran statesman. But Cezanne, after all this confusion, it was decided that the framework was a failure and I don’t want to finish it.

    It can be this kind of behavior because it wasn’t a question of is the work, that never happens. Choose the people he wants to send almost all family members or friends. They aquiesciam, or because they feel obligated or flattery. And this also means I can do portraits stylistically says a lot about the painter on his way. There is a theory stating that Cezanne through models of the human in the same way that apples and mountains of other work: just abstract forms, excuses to test the mechanics of representation in the framework. It is certain that he saw the same experimenter, the risk of antiacadêmico in the field of art.

    In the early seasons was seen as an outsider within the artistic community of Paris. Born in Aix countryside in 1839 was the son of the banker, the bourgeoisie, who became a farmer in Noble. Facing the opposition of the father – the father he wanted to become a lawyer – become the rebels. In one of the first self-portraits, the property of the Louvre Museum in Paris, he was sent as a Wookie hirsuto. She was also keen to be a technical coarse and rude. In his paintings, uncle Dominic, looks like ink painting with the knife, as if you put a pat on the bread. It also didn’t make an effort, at least until the end of his career, to go out with their sisters. And photos of his wife indicates that this is also true with it.

    The two began living together in 1869 when Cezanne 30 year-old Cuban, 19. In 1872 they had their only son. After years of the disappearance of the family relationship between them, finally married in 1886, but rarely live together. One of the first images of Hortense, who is in the gallery painted circa 1877, is in fact a plate of meet, a mixture of stripes in the top of the head is perfectly oval face with sunken eyes hair attached again as an alias.

    This image is a model for many other Hortense. (It is known 30 photos and 15 in the show). Among them, one that felt as if it was a small hat; focus on the details of the outfit; the expressive content indecipherable. For a century historians in the interpretation of these paintings is evidence of discontent from Hortense with your destination in marriage (how many days she’s a model!) Always being treated as an object, all in favor of art, such as a stack of oval shape and the cones.

    The accuracy of The Psychodynamics of all that you will ever know. And in any way may not be essential, nor the whole story. When I see the work of Cezanne in the other species, also I look at it – like minded in nature is silent, the mountains in your landscape, I see engineering, but also fashion. When I look at your pictures I also see irritability, but also a “joke”, death and love.

    In the case of Dominica and he knows I don’t like the clown of the family-type who loves children. The father was an individual Conservative eccentric, “cold and selfish”, said Zola, but the image made by her son caused the government, leading to the old father to take an interest in the history of art through reading the newspaper in which Emile Zola wrote.

    In all his paintings, Hortense Fiquet like a person of stiff, almost robotic. But suddenly in one of them, painted in 1880, more or less when I married different. The hair is loose, her lips slightly apart and his face full of emotion. And this opinion brings us back to the image again to re-evaluate and imagine that we were not able to control. The blatant softens the image of farmers and workers to Aix, which is painted in the decade before his death at the age of 67 years old in 1906. At the time of the royal family was not; the artist of the rebels he was a devout Catholic and nativist been political and violent, to the neglect of Paris, although glad to have your approval. The last image was the focus in the emotional primary of the rural world where I grew up and who never really left.

    This world is also represented in this exhibition which is organized by John Elderfield curator emeritus at the Museum of modern art with Mary Morton, National Gallery of art, Xavier Rey, former director of collections of the Museum of the Louvre – photos of the Valley gardener Cezanne. Slightly bent and with his beard and we believe that this is old. Sitting in the shade, it can be anywhere: in Provence, in Paris, in the outdoors or not. And is seen in profile, so that we don’t need to try to improve your face, to interpret her mood. Through the abstract, which has been determined in the light it looks like a clump of leaves esparramadas at the end of the summer, leaning down and to the ground. Translation/ of Maria Martini

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