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A Microsoft, Lycos, excite@home, Dell e outros uniram-se na faixa de cerca de 100 sites de iniciar a prestação de um banco de dados comum de leilões.

Sites que usam o sistema em execução por fairmarket, uma empresa que já trabalha leilões dell e outros, para ver a mesma leilões em toda a rede.

Joel opinião
Esta é a grande notícia. Por quê? Porque até este momento, as pessoas estão se perguntando quando o grande está para acontecer no leilão do mercado. O Yahoo! A Amazon já entrou, mas isso ainda deixa um monte de pessoas fazendo compras.

Com esta nova aliança, a nova rede irá certamente ser um forte concorrente no eBay. Imagine ir a qualquer um dos sites da rede de cerca de 100 a ver os menus? Basicamente, o ponto de entrada é irrelevante para o leilão, os serviços imediatamente tem de visitantes de cerca de 100 olhando site de leilão. Wow! Eu me pergunto o que o eBay vai fazer em resposta a esse passo?
Parece que a Microsoft e outras empresas na nova rede comprou uma participação na fairmarket. Parece que as empresas são muito graves sobre esta etapa.

O que você acha sobre uma nova rede de leilões? Escreva-nos para newsresponses@ugeek.com.

Seems to be fake news, but it comes from: bananas can ends. Threatened of extinction, a banana can become a dinosaur of the bird, dodô of the fruit. Can’t imagine her without a doubt. But this is what the ecologist Jackie Turner, is intended to alert the documentary Bananageddon, still in Aries, Portugal development of Bananapocalipse. Mr. Turner was taught to fish in Costa Rica, fell in love face with the history and culture of the banana and taking fish from the investment of four years in the fruit the most famous and consumed in the world. Planted in 130 countries, is the food most grown by man after rice, wheat and maize, although revenge only in tropical climates.

+The philosopher explains the return policy of the fascists in the United States

+Italian philosopher thinking about life from the point of view of plants

Error of fusário, fungi Cairo in the 1950s hit quickly full field, causing the global collapse in trade bananero. And unilateralism. There are many varieties of bananas, but traded companies invested in one type.

Without genetic diversity, mutations and variations, because they are sterile and cloned, a banana, mainly because cultivated in monolithic blocks from the ground as if it were a giant sources of vegetables in the open air, infested with a lot of ease. Thus it was that the Gros Michel species decimated, and gave the place the Cavendish supposedly more resistant. Grown in the same way, and are now having a variation of the parasite earlier, TR4 (Tropical Race 4), and infectious too with the damage recorded in Australia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Take sales.

I can’t imagine a world – a human – without the banana. Not so much because of the loss of nutrients (contains 11 vitamins) and economic importance (concern Empire bananero family Cutrale, the Brazilian Institute of chemistry, today, the Swiss cheque of American States), but its contribution to cuisine and culture.

Without core or seed, easy to peel, the miracle of the design of the banana is the versatility of punch above weight: in natura or processed, baked, roasted, fried, mashed, sweet or salted, with or without a complement any way is a delight. Unless its semantics only in the orchard, towels, and pineapple. In addition to agricultural products and pop, banana is synonymous with a coward, a low price, an awkward position (bananosa), not to mention offensive gesture also known as the “rotator cuff”.

That would be the Carmen Miranda and Josephine Baker without the banana? And of popular music? In the most variety of tunes. It is inspired by a hit song of America (yes! We have no bananas), triumphant replica of the Brazilian (yes, we have bananas), the marchinha carnavalesca (cheques Bacana), Calypso-Harry Belafonte (Banana Boat), rock (Banana Split) and set samba-rock (the seller of bananas, Jorge Ben (Jor). The most greedy, unscrupulous, and cruel adventurers to explore and spread all over the world, said journalist Dan Koeppel in banana – the fate of the fruit that changed the world, a mixture of reportage and an article about the paths taken by the fruit and deviations of the historical that helped to accelerate. “Banana is the yin and Yang of the blood culture in the United States”, manufactured Koeppel after check the damage in the Latin American continent caused by United Fruit.

It was with this name that the American multinational company (named after the chic in the 1970’s) bananizou Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador. In base: exploiting cheap labour, bypassing the Treasury, corrupting civilians and the military, which helps to rig the elections by financing the assassinations, coups and dictatorships – with the indispensable help of the CIA.

But before the CIA, bananização the company was already located in the Caribbean up to the other side of the planet. Theodore Roosevelt invaded and occupied Cuba and the Philippines in the early 20th century. In 1911, “southern banana” of the deposed president of Honduras. In 1928, thousands of Colombian peasants working in the land of the United Fruit in the strike and were shot in a public square. In 1954 it was the turn of the president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, by the “audacity” of forcing the tourist to sell their unproductive land to the government, which seeks to re-distribute to the inhabitants of poor rural areas.

These and other terrifying episodes Sponsored by barons a banana appear in a chapter of one hundred years of solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the novel La Casa Grande, also the Colombian Álvaro low Zamudio. Throughout the decade of the 1950’s, the Guatemalan Miguel Ángel Asturias published trilogy (strong wind the door Green, the eyes of the buried), the presence of the background of the looting of Latin America and the United Fruit. The banana company in Macondo there install chaos and violence, changes in precipitation patterns, accelerated cycle of crops, the transfer of river from the library hires the assassins tribe to control the city. “When, finally, went, the city was in ruins,” says Gabo. This is an authentic bananosa such as the royal cities of the Empire, Today in the hands of the new, and not helped the Central Intelligence Agency might be able to defeat the most powerful enemy: TR4 mushrooms with the same first letters of the regional court.

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